Finery eFX is our flagship product that is a peer-to-peer non-custodial trading technology
that provides for reduced execution costs and lower counterparty risk



Finery Tech develops trading and investment software that creates unique business opportunity to a number of institutions including hedge funds and payment processors, brokers and even banks.

Our white-label solutions will help you enable new revenue streams and diversify your business.





For e-money & payment processors

  • Round-the-clock liquidity 24/7/365

  • 10+ crypto assets (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, USDC etc.)

  • 2 fiat currencies (EUR, GBP)

  • Aggregation of multiple sources of liquidity via low-latency APIs

  • Robust access to liquidity via API (REST, WebSockets)

  • Robust pre- and post-trade RM to ensure pre-defined counterparty limits

  • Powerful visualisation tool

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts

  • 99.5% expected time of the two-sided market

For hedge funds and brokers

  • Smart order routing (SOR)

  • Various algorithmic orders and customizable execution logic

  • Market making system 24/7/365

  • 20+ crypto assets (BTC, ETH etc.)

  • Access to 5+ leading crypto exchanges with true liquidity

  • 3 types of quoting (market making) logic to fit your needs

  • Low-latency APIs (FIX, WebSockets)

  • Robust pre- and post-trade RM 

  • Powerful visualisation tool

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts

  • Independent backup contour

For OTC desks and exchanges

  • Non-custodial

  • Maker-taker model

  • Trading within counterparty limits

  • Real-time filtered displayed and accessible liquidity 

  • Trading 24/7/365

  • Unlimited number of fiat currencies and crypto assets

  • Robust APIs (REST and WebSockets)

  • Intuitive GUI

  • Various order types

  • Integrated post-trade settlement

  • 99.99% expected system uptime

  • Proven in production


We are a team of different backgrounds and similar mindsets. We try to be competitive on a global level, so we are active in Kaggle and hold charters from established international institutions. Our expertise is robust trading  software that allows algorithmic trading, smooth execution as well as processing large data sets. We have created financial software that has been used  for our own needs and tested in production for years.

We make investment software at the technology frontier.


Executive Director

Peter has multiple years of various experience in both buy and sell side firms. However, financial technology was the core of every company he worked for - an algorithmic hedge fund, proprietary high-frequency trading firm, and electronic trading department of a broker.


Technical Team-lead

Yuriy has a good command of computer science. He used to develop electronic design automation systems with the focus on the estimation of algorithmic complexity. Besides, he has a multi-year experience with high load systems. He is now responsible for high-quality and high-performance code.


Sr Backend Developer

Kirill is from Moscow Exchange where he took part in developing the core of its matching engine. In addition, he has been constructing low-touch / automated trading systems for various asset classes. He is now responsible for software development and overall IT strategy.



Ilia has 10+ year experience in the financial services industry. He's worked both on buy and sell side but always in electronic trading. His main interest is the application of new financial technology to the traditional business processes. Besides, he is a CFA charterholder.


if you feel like working with like-minded persons

Finery Technology is a small dynamic firm with a global grasp. Finery is about trading, risk- and portfolio management algorithms that we believe will replace human beings in the investment process. We consider financial markets a live breathing system and to get the comprehension of its true nature we leverage data science together with behavioural finance. 

With us, you may work either from the office in one of our locations or remotely. 


We are looking for an experienced data scientist to join the project that is aimed at creating robo-­advisory technology and financial data analysis platform. The ideal match is an experienced researcher who is highly motivated to make a career in investment analysis and is capable of the entire idea2prod cycle.



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