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In pursuit of better BTC/EUR rates

While cryptocurrency markets are still fragmented, failure to find a good solution that provides for low transaction cost, low counterparty risk and abundant liquidity might pose a threat to the prosperity of your business. Working with liquidity providers (LPs) rather than with a single crypto exchange might be a solution.


  • Thorough transaction costs analysis is a must for active trading participants, as transaction costs badly impact overall profitability

  • Counterparty risk (risk of default of a trading partner) is still a major threat in cryptocurrency markets

  • Liquidity of a crypto asset shows how easily, quickly and at what cost an asset can be sold or bought

  • Sourcing liquidity is a tedious task which liquidity providers are good at solving

  • Kraken is the clear leader in BTC/EUR liquidity in comparison to Bitstamp and Coinbase

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